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New site. New rules. New discounts.

For last 4 years I offered my freelance services only among Zennolab community. Since I’m the most public person there I usually had many orders without looking for clients. They wrote me themselves. I never used sites like Odesk and Elance in the past. But from now on i decided to extend my services and find new companies to partnership with. Maybe you read this because I contacted you by myself via your site.

New clients is a good thing. But I wasn’t sure how to show all new companies all my skills and how to make them trust me like all Zennolab users trust. There comes an idea to organize my work with most widely known freelance sites and their tools. From now on you can hire me via Odesk, Elance or Freelancer and you can control my work like I was there in your office.

Because my working history at these sites is empty at the moment, from today, December 15, and until I get 100 tracked hours on both sites I offer you to test my skills with special promo hours rate!


You decide which software for tracking I should use!

I work with Odesk Team application, Elance Time Tracker or Freelancer Desktop which allows you to see me in action, and manage as if I was in your office. You will know what I’m working on — every hour billed is an hour worked. If I finish project within 30 minutes, you pay for 30 minutes, that’s fair enough :)



Per hour, until i get 100 hours on Freelance sites



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Per month, 8 hours every day

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