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How it looks like

Here you will find more details about framework that is used to organize and operate with bots build by me, If you’ll have any questions about it do not hesitate and drop me a line. Besides good users experience and complex front end which allows you to run bots in efficient way I guarantee quality of internal coding based on my knowledge. ZennoBox has very user friendly interface and the main window presents a list of projects that you bought.

Groups of projects

  • You can click on any group to filter your projects based on status (running, stopped, scheduled) or by tags. It’s handy when you have a lot of projects and wanna to stay organized. Zennobox (ZennoPoster) allows you to keep hundreds of bots under within one software.

List of projects in selected group

You can see all stats for any project here: how many times it was executed, how many threads are running, proxy settings and other useful info.

Each bot’s settings

  • If you double click on any project from the list you will see settings window for it and you’re able to change any. In settings based on technical task for your project you can usually set all input files, keywords, options and so on. They are different for each project. Here’s example of input settings for Hotmail account creator.

Settings for selected project’s execution

Here you can set how many times and in how many threads you wanna run it. Also you can set options for proxies and schedule the project.


These are just portion of ZennoBox pros. Iа you’d like to learn more about possible internal tasks, please check this list :)

  • Stability
  • In-built proxy checker
  • All updates when they are made in projects by our side automatically uploaded to ZennoBox
  • Protection. It’s almost impossible to crack bots that I make.
  • Framework includes all necessary libraries for all kind of automation and data processing. All other bots that you order from me will be listed in the same installation of ZennoBox. Online CV by Anton Rostoni @ 2014