Hello, I am Anton Rostoni

I am Moscow based freelancer, programmer, developer and expert in web and data automation. Welcome to my online CV and hope you'll enjoy reading some facts about me :)


At the moment I'm interested in stable partnership/job for SEO, Internet marketing, Social Media, Adversing agencies and companies who pay their workers for manual work in browser and with data. I have huge experience in web automation and software development and eager to help you save your time and money. My main goal is to find long-term partnership instead of one time orders. And I really feel that my skills may help me to replace not one virtual assistants but dozen of them :) I'm open to different proposals and we can discuss any details.

Best In

Responsive Web Design


There are so many things you or your employees do on daily/weekly basis. Did you thought how much time and money you could save if you were able to automate some parts of the process?

User experience design


You don't need to know how and what exactly can be automated. That's on me. We may simply chat about your usual tasks and I'll offer you how we will be able to scale it.



If you use any tools but realize that some functions are missing, that's great. Just give me some tasks and I'll create tools for them :)


Zenno framework
C#, Visual Studio
Internet marketing & tools
Automation methods
Responsibility & positive


Dec 2010



Lead developer

Creation of custom bots based on personal orders.

Mar 2012



Technical support

Official tech support for Zenno framework which is used for web automation.

Common tasks

Account creators

Mass creation of accounts for any sites: emails, web 2.0, social networks, any of them. Possible to create captcha modules to save money on captchas.

Data posters

Post data, articles, anything in any format to any site: SEO links, upload data to your site, spam or whitehat.

Mass video tasks

Change, upload, fake visits and so on.

Cloud tools

If you use any cloud tools which have access via browser, lets automate work there!

Social activity

Comments, ratings, reviews, anything.


It's easy to collect any data in any format from any site and create databases.

Local files

Take from there, copy there, prepare, post to sites, upload data to servers.


I'm OK with that if clients require it. That's possible if needed.


... and so so on... just let me know your requirements and we'll figure it out.


List above is just an example of common tasks which is possible to automate. If it doesn't fit your needs, just drop me a line and we will discuss what can I do for you. It's really hard to claim any limits. Remember that it's much more effective to automate something than to pay monthly for VAs or workers :) I can work on your servers, on my servers or via remote connection if needed. I have pretty serious reputation in Zenno framework community and I'm very confident when it comes to trust with my partners and clients.

Drop me a line